• Development of Macao's Cultural and Creative Tourism Industries in the Context of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Principal Investigator, 2022-2023)
  • 2022-2023, Research on the Mechanism and Implementation Path of Emerging Technologies Empowering Innovative Travel Services. Macau Foundation.
  • Peng, K.L. (PI) (2023), The Uniqueness of Space Tourism: An Opportunity for the Diversified Development of Macau World Center of Tourism and Leisure, Macao Foundation.(MF2301)



  • Development of Macao's Cultural and Creative Tourism Industries in the Context of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (PI, 2022)
  • 2022 Macau Foundation Sustainable Development Strategies for the GBA Tourism Industry under the Influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic Co-P.I.: Dr. Xingbao (Simon) Hu, Ivan Lai, Yingsha Zhang, Zengxian Liang, Xialei Duan
  • Peng, K.L. (Co-I) (2022-2023), Space Tourism Value Chain, Macao Foundation.
  • 2022 Guest's Emotional and Gender Preferences on Robot Concierge: A Pilot Study of Animated Service Avatar Design in Hotel.  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (CI)
  • 2022 Research on the Cantonese Opera generativity and innovation in promoting the integration of culture and tourism in the Greater Bay Area. Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences.(GD21LN14)



  • 索混合現實(Mixed Reality)技術在大灣區旅遊與酒店管理專業教學中的應用研究 (高等教育基金,TET-CITYU-2021-01, Principal Investigator)
  • 2021 Patent application for left-hand chopstick auxiliary tool
  • 2020-2021旅遊業企業社會責任對員工工作表現的影響, 澳門基金會.
  • 2020-2021, 澳門基金會, 基於遊客視角的澳門智慧旅遊評價體系及實證分析(PI).
  • 2021 Development of Scale to Measure Tourist Attitude toward Cantonese Opera as Cultural Brand of the Greater Bay Area, China. Macao Foundation.  (PI)
  • 美食形象感知、消費價值和行為意向之間的關係研究(2021)
  • 2021 Research on Authenticity Perception of Tourists in the Grand Canal cultural heritage sites. Department of Education of Zhejiang Province.
  • 虛擬現實技術對世界文化遺產地遊客體驗和行為的影響研究:大灣區為例(MF2024, Principal Investigator)
  • 2020-2021 The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Job Performance in tourism context (Macau Foundation)  —PI



  • 中國大灣區遊客對城市融合的態度研究 (2020)
  • 研學旅行與粵港澳青少年國家認同關係研究 (2020年度教育部人文社會科學研究青年基金專案20YJCZH106)
  • 2020-2021學年:項目負責人。基於UTAUT2模型的用戶使用短視頻平臺做旅遊規劃的行為研究。 澳門高等教育局高等教育基金粵港澳大灣區旅遊教育培訓專項資助。(正在進行)
  • Sustainable and Smart Tourism in Macau, funded by Macau Foundation
  • Development of Scale to Measure Tourist Attitude toward City Integration in Greater Bay Area, China. Macao Foundation.
  • Film induced-tourism Map AR/AI research in Macau(2nd Phase)Macau Higher Education Bureau.
  • The relation of study tour and national identity among adolescents in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.
  • 澳門基金會:節慶景觀對參與者體驗及行為意向的影響研究,主持人,2020。
  • On the Language Industry Situation in Macau
  • Application for the patent of Mask keeper, now working together with Dr. Michael Chan, Macao Innovation & Invention Association (澳門創新發明協會).



  • 2019-2020學年:項目負責人。網絡口碑對旅遊產品購買意願影響研究(The Impact of e-WOM on Purchase Intention: Analysis of the Adoption of Online Reviews on Travel Decisions in China)。澳門基金會。(完成)
  • 澳門回歸二十年特區善治的成就、經驗與問題,2019年8月。(項目參與者,全國港澳研究會項目,項目編號HKM1917)
  • 澳門特別行政區治理體系與治理能力現代化研究,2019年9月-2020年8月。(項目主持人,澳門基金會項目編號MF1932)
  • Wechat Public Platform Innovative Teaching through Various Classrooms Based Teaching Theories (Under Teaching innovation Project). Macau Foundation (PI)
  • Macau Higher Education Bureau: Film induced-tourism Map AR/AI research in Macau(PI)澳門高教局 (26/DCCT/DSES/2019),大灣區澳門旅遊景點地圖影視AR/AI研究
  • UNWTO/Chimelong Initiative – PhD Scholarship for Tourism: Reports on Sustainable Tourism and Wildlife Conservation in Asia and the Pacific Maritime Tourism at the Wanshan Archipelago, Zhuhai, China .
  • 基於資源基礎理論的國內外民宿成功關鍵因素研究  (Macau Foundation:MF1927) - PI
  • Name of Funded Institution: MF 1839: Presented 4 papers in the 86th TOSOK Daejeon International Tourism Conference, Daejeon, Korea, July 2019.
  • 三亞市文體旅遊局:三亞市立新村鄉村旅遊發展總體規劃,主要負責人,2019。
  • 三亞市文體旅遊局:三亞市抱前村鄉村旅遊發展總體規劃,主要負責人,2019。
  • 三亞市文體旅遊局:三亞市紮南村鄉村旅遊發展總體規劃,主要負責人,2019。
  • 三亞市文體旅遊局:三亞市體育旅遊發展總體規劃,主要負責人,2019。
  • 國家社科基金專案:美麗中國發展水準測度及其對入境旅遊流量流質變化的影響研究,主要參與者,2019。
  • 澳門基金會:休閒動機休閒活動涉入與幸福感研究——以澳門銀髮族群為例,主持人,2019。
  • Macao Film induced tourism map AR/AI Research- stage 1. Macau Higher Education Foundation,
  • An Investigation of Tourist Attitude and Behavior Toward World Heritage List and Museum in Macau
  • 大灣區智慧景區顧客參與、價值共創之研究, 澳門基金會.
  • 2019年教學改革與創新
  • 2019年澳門世界遺產名錄及博物館旅遊態度及行為調查



  • 2018-2019學年:項目負責人。粵港澳大灣區共享經濟發展-P2P住宿電子服務品質,感知風險, 電子信任度與用戶行為意向關係的研究(The Development of Sharing Economy in GuangdongHong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Electronic Service Quality, Perceived Risk, eTrust, and Behaviour Intention in Peer-to-Peer Accommodation)。澳門基金會。(完成)
  • The Development of Sharing Economy in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Electronic Service Quality, Perceived Risk, e Trust, and Behaviour Intention in Peer-to-Peer Accommodation, 2018年9月1日至2019年8月30日。(項目參與者,澳門基金會項目編號MF1821)
  • 天鴿”颱風後澳門應急決策體系優化的基礎問題研究,2018年1月1日至2021年10月。(項目參與者,國家自然科學基金委員會(NSFC)與澳門科學技術發展基金(FDCT)聯合科研資助,科學部編號為7181101039)
  • 回歸以來澳門特區善治研究,2018年9月至2019年9月。(項目主持人,澳門基金會項目編號MF1815)
  • Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility: EU and Australasian innovations, funded by EU Erasmus+ and Jean Monnet Activities, Nuertingen-Geislingen University, Germany 2018-2020 
  • A study on the relationship between leisure involvement, leisure benefits and well  being of the aging population in Macau 澳門基金會(MF1813),銀髮族群休閒涉入、休閒效益與主觀幸福感的關係研究
  • Exploring the role of Macau in the Guangdong Hong Kong & Macao in Greater Bay Area
  • Participation in Research Project Name of Funded Institution: Macau Foundation - Smell and Taste Project : Presented 2 papers in APF 2018 Hawaii Conference, May 2018 and completed 2 Journal papers.
  • 澳門中國企業協會,巔峰智業:澳門打造世界旅遊休閒中心發展戰略規劃,澳門方專家代表,2018。
  • 澳門基金會:粵港澳大灣區背景下澳門休閒環境品質提升的策略研究,主持人,2018。
  • Macau Franchise Industry Market Analysis 2017. Macau Chain Stores and Franchise Association.  (CI)
  • Sustainable development of the mainland tourism market in Macao from a social and economic perspective. Macao Foundation. (CI)
  • Tourists' Experience in Emotional Solidarity with Residents in Macao. Macau Foundation.
  • Exploring the role should Macau play in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GHMGBA) (Project code: MF1820, Principal Investigator)
  • 基於大學課堂學習研究的教師專業發展與課堂教學改革與創新 澳門基金會 2018年度課題小組負責人
  • How to prepare an outstanding financial proposal” as a panel judge for Hong Kong Undergraduate Financial Planners of the Year Award 2018 organized by HKRFP.



  • 從社會和經濟層面分析內地旅遊市場的可持續性發展The Sustainable Tourism Development in Macau: An Analysis of Social and Economic Dimensions of Travel by Mainland Chinese,2017年 9 月1日至 2018年 8 月 30日。(項目參與者,澳門基金會項目編號MF1707)
  • 2017-2018 粵港澳大灣區背景下澳門休閒環境品質提升的策略研究 編號: MF1706 (已結案)
  • 澳門連鎖加盟產業調研報告,2017年7月1日至2017年12月31日。2017 Market Research Report on Macau Franchise Industry.(項目參與者,橫向課題)
  • 澳門應對人口老齡化戰略研究Coping Strategic Research of Macao Aging Population,2017年 9 月1日至 2018年 8 月 30日。(項目主持人,澳門基金會項目編號MF1718)
  • Macau Franchise Industry Market Analysis 2017. Macau Chain Stores and Franchise Association.  (CI)
  • 基於第六產業創新創業帶動邕寧區縣域經濟發展的可行性研究, 2017 -CI 
  • Market Research Report on Macau Franchise Industry (Macau Chain Stores & Franchise Association)- PI
  • The Sustainable Tourism Development in Macau: An Analysis of Social and Economic Dimensions of Travel by Mainland Chinese (Macau Foundation:MF1707)-PI
  • investigator- How Smell , Taste and work affect Macau’s Tourism industry
  • 澳門基金會:Social Impact of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) Of Chinese Mainland Tourists on Macau Evidence from Macau Residents,主持人,2017。
  • 基於新興資訊與通信技術在澳門的旅遊電子商務服務技術研究與應用示範
  • 澳門城市交通的基礎空間大數據庫建立及其三維展示
  • 澳門酒店的員工工作壓力、滿意度與幸福感關係研究 澳門基金會 項目主持人
  • How to beat or cope with ChatBot in the AI transformation in Financial Planning Industry.”, as a panel judge for Hong Kong Undergraduate Financial Planners of the Year Award 2017 organized by HKRFP
  • 應澳門月刊於2017年11月17日就 “澳門光污染”進行專題討論
  • 2017年澳門娛樂旅遊體驗測評規模發展



  • The impact of perceived Service Quality in Casino on Customer Satisfaction in Macao, 1, September, 2016- 30, August, 2017. (項目主持人,澳門基金會項目編號MF1631)
  • 澳門地區五星級豪華酒店無障礙設施評估計劃——以美國殘疾人保護法案針對新酒店無障礙環境檢視清單為例 , 2016年 9 月1日至 2017年 8 月 30日。
  • 兩岸高職教育“校-校-企”合作辦學模式研究, 2016年全國教育科學“十二‧五”規劃教育部重點課題 -CI
  • 澳門旅遊業組織學習與員工創造力之關聯性研究, 2016-2017年度澳門基金會贊助研究項目(Macau Foundation:MF1632)-PI
  • A Study on the Policy of on-the-job Training of Tourists Industry in Macao (Macau Foundation)-PI
  • Development of Scale to Measure Entertainment Tourism Experience in Macau (Macau Foundation)-CI
  • Development Blueprint for Macau’s MICE Industry 澳門會展業發展藍圖研究,Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute 澳門特區政府貿易投資促進局專案
  • 澳門基金會:文化遺產地遊客感知原真性對體驗品質及行為意向的影響研究,主持人,2016。
  • Developing the Macau Corporate Social Responsibility Index for Gaming Industry (Macau Foundation)—CI
  • 世界文化遺產地遊客原真性感知對懷舊情感、體驗品質與行為意向的影響研究 (澳門基金會)-CI
  • A Study of the Relationship of Employees’ Working Pressure, Satisfaction, and Happiness in Macau Casino Hotels. Macau Foundation.
  • 酒店員工滿意度和顧客滿意度互動關係研究 澳門基金會澳門基金會 項目主持人



  • 低成本航空對澳門旅遊業發展之關係:低成本航空旅客訪澳行爲及對澳門形象感知調查研究,2015年 9 月1日至 2016年 8 月 31日。
  • Investigation of the relationship between Low Cost Carriers and Macau Tourism Development”
  • Member of Central Project Team 中央專案組成員, (2015/09-2017/11) 香港特區政府教育局項目,質素提升支持計畫 The Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) project “Development of Effective Pedagogical Practices and a Cross-institutional Online Sharing Platform for Hong Kong’s Vocational Education and Training (VET)”, a cross-institutional project involves four parties (VTC, OUHK, CIHE, and CBCC), 2015/09-2018/08, HK$20,956,580.00.
  • 澳門基金會:文化差異對消費者行為的影響研究,主持人,2015。
  • An Analysis of Cultural Differences and Perceived Value Effect on Tourists Gaming Behaviors. Macao Foundation. (CI)
  • The historical village development in Guangdong province of China (Project code: 2015YB024 (R1045), Principal Investigator)
  • 海上多智慧體*******研究”(項目編號:L2015RR0027,2015-2017 (排名第2), (*保密類項目)



  • 文化遺產旅遊發展及推廣策略:澳門世界遺產旅遊遊客行為調查研究,2014年 9 月1日至 2015年 8 月 31日。
  • Digital Touchpoints of Macao's Inbound Leisure Travelers- A Comparative Analysis of Hong Kong & Taiwan”. Macao Foundation.
  • 澳門基金會:休閒旅遊服務品質、體驗價值與行為意向研究,主持人,2014。
  • 西南地區特色產業農村資訊服務技術集成與應用. 項目編號:2014BAD10B04. 2014-2017,項目第一負責人
  • 2014年港臺兩地入境休閒遊客數字觸點



  • 澳門發展論壇, 2013-2014年度澳門基金會資助研究項目 (Macau Foundation:CUM10)-CI 
  • 澳門旅遊發展委員會:澳門導遊職業發展現狀與環境優化策略研究,主要參與者,2013。    
  • 澳門特區政府旅遊局:2013訪澳臺灣旅客調查,主要參與者,2013。    
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Tourism Seasonal Demand for Hong Kong Tourism Industry. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • The influence of distance and perception of marketing campaigns on the motivation of tourists to visit Macau (Project code: RTAO-28-0344, Principal Investigator)
  • 面向海洋渔业的移动通信系统及关键技术研究, 項目編號:61062006. 2010-2013



  • 澳門與內地金融服務競合關係研究, 2012-2013年度澳門基金會贊助研究項目 (Macau Foundation:FOM-1202)-PI 
  • EDP Annual Achievements of Externally Funded Resarch Projects ( Macau Foundation :FOM-1204)-PI 
  • Study on the Development of Higher Education Industry (Macau Foundation:FOM-1201)-PI
  • A Series of Studies on the Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry in Macau", Macau Foundation (澳門基金會)
  • A Survey Study of Macao Youth Physical Health Investigation (澳門青少年體質健康調查研究)”, Macau Sport Development Board (澳門特別行政區政府體育發展局)
  • The impact of hospitality environment and service quality on customer satisfaction (Project code: 0250E-l017#-1, Principal Investigator)
  • 可適應性旅遊變更管理及相關預警機制的應用研究: 項目編號:70561001/G0110. 2009-2012
  • 澳門酒店業服務質量系列研究之飲食慶典質素對酒店品牌資產的影響研究 澳門基金會 項目主持人



  • A Series of Studies on the Service Quality in Hotel Industry in Macau", Macau Foundation (澳門基金會)
  • RFID Technology-based Supply Chain Simulation Model Summer Camp", Science and Technology Promotion Project, The Science and Technology Development Fund, Macau (澳門科學技術發展基金). Project No: 022/2011/P
  • 澳門旅遊發展輔助委員會:澳門旅遊景點旅客調查研究,主要參與者,2011。    
  • 无线自组织网的跨层拥塞控制研究(2011-13),项目编号:61162010; 项目第一负责人
  • 农村热带农业科技110信息分类及标准, 項目編號:HD-KYH-2011-113, 2011-2013.項目第一負責人
  • 澳門美食旅遊遊客滿意度研究 澳門基金會 項目主持人