Students of the Faculty of International Tourism and Management Awarded AHLEI Certificates of Hospitality Professionals

As the only test center for AHLEI professional certifications in Macao, the Faculty has been dedicated to nurturing tourism and hotel management professionals.

The first batch of students of the Faculty have passed the professional certificate examinations for Certified Guest Services Professional (CGSP) and Certified

Hospitality Supervisor (CHS).  Among them, 15 have been award the CGSP certificate and 24 have been awarded the CHS certificate.  This is a step towards our

goal of encouraging students to strive for “graduation with dual certificates”.


As a non-profit education institution, AHLEI (American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute) has been committed to providing education and training resources

for the hospitality and other industries worldwide.  It is a global authoritative certification institution for hospitality professions and provides professionals

certification of over 20 hospitality positions.