Field Trip to Morpheus Hotel

On the afternoon of April 21, 2021, Dr. Wendy Gao, Master Programme Coordinator of FITM, led master students to visit Morpheus hotel for

study. Morpheus is a ultra-luxury and innovative five-star hotel located in the third phase of the City of Dreams in Cotai, Macao, which was

opened in June 2018. Designed by the late world-renowned London architect Zaha Hadid, the hotel is filled with fashion elements and has

won many design awards.


During this trip, the colleagues from the Human Resources Department of Melco (Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited) led the students to visit the guest rooms, restaurants, entertainment facilities, artwork, and the back house known as the “heartland”, which includes staff

office, lounge and canteen. The students learned about the employees’ daily work, organizational structure, management strategies,

customer sources and price positioning. This field trip gave the students a perceptual understanding of customer-centric hotel management

knowledge. And expand the deep understanding of hotel design, intelligent management and innovative services.





Colleagues in the HR department explain for the students patiently