Director of Wynn Macau Shares Wynn’s Sustainability Vision, Technologies and Strategies

On April 11th, the Faculty of International Tourism and Management had the honour in welcoming Wynn Macau's Director of Environmental,

Social and Governance, Ms. Ruby O to speak about Wynn's sustainable technologies and strategies to our third-year undergraduate students.



At Wynn Macau, the majority of Ms. O’s work has been dedicated to raising awareness of environmental protection, food safety, and the

overall achievement of sustainable development.  In addition, Ms. O also focuses on developing sustainable technologies and products for

Wynn. Apart from being the Director at Wynn Macau, Ms. O is also the founding president of the Society of Food and Environmental Health,

and has been publishing articles related to sustainable development in the name of the society.



During this session, Ms. O shared her views on sustainable development in the lecture, and shared a series of sustainable development

measures and strategies at Wynn Macau, including the use of an AI analysis system to reduce food waste and the Nordaq drinking water

bottling system to reduce plastic waste. The Nordaq drinking water system is designed and developed by Nordaq and Wynn. With Wynn

owning a production line, they were able to eliminate disposable plastic bottles by filtering water into high-quality drinking water and storing them in recyclable glass bottles. This is a big step forward in the field of environmental innovation in the hospitality industry and showcased Wynn’s pioneer position in this movement.


Third-year undergraduate students studied innovative technologies and innovative products’ role in solving existing problems in the hotel

and tourism industry from an academic point of view in the module of “Seminar for Contemporary Issues of Tourism“ this semester. During the lecture, Ms. O opened up a very important perspective for our students that they were not able to experience during the module - the

importance and feasibility of innovative technology in the operation of the hotel industry. Not only did this consolidated students' knowledge of innovative technologies and innovative products, it also increases students' knowledge of innovative technologies in the hotel industry and their ability to evaluate the feasibility of products.



Many thanks to Lecturer Joel Lo Ribeiro and Senior Lecturer Tammy Meng for arranging this event, as well as all students and staff who

supported this event. Most important, we would like to thank Wynn and Ms. O for providing important industry perspectives on our faculty's curriculum.