AMOS system training workshop offered to facilitate academic research

On April 11, 2022, in order to improve the research and analysis capabilities of our master's and doctoral students, the faculty held a two-day AMOS system training course. Before this, CITS has invited our visiting professor Anthony Wong to hold quantitative research workshops for many times. Even though the rhythm of the course is tight and difficult, it does not reduce the enthusiasm of the students to learn. About 40

students participated in the learning of this course.



Photo of AMOS system training course


In the AMOS system training course, Professor Wong explained the model modeling ideas and AMOS operations very carefully. He combined many articles as examples, and the analysis of the path effect is thought-provoking. Professor Wong's class was lively and lively. He quoted

scriptures and classics during the class. Through the on-site demonstration and analysis process, he combined the learning of theoretical

knowledge with practical operation, which strengthened the students' data analysis ability and further laid the foundation for academic




Students take notes for the course


Many undergraduate students also joined this AMOS system training course. Although the course was difficult, they still actively

communicated and interacted with Professor Wong and postgraduate students, asked them questions, and fully participated in the course.

And this just reflects the important academic spirit that FITM wants to pass on to its students—the road needs to be taken step by step.



Students in the course listen carefully to Professor Wong's sharing


It is believed that as more and more academic seminar are held, the core of the academic spirit of FITM will be better passed on to more

students through these seminar. Let the students really face the difficulties in their usual study, have the courage to constantly break through academic problems and learn new academic knowledge.