Kan Man Neng, Doctor

E-mail: manbao@macau.ctm.net


Academic Qualification

Civil Law/ Commercial Law /Macao University of Science and Technology

Comparative Economic Law /  Huaqiao University(Fujian China)

English  / Hainan Normal University(China)


Working Experience

2007/9 to 2008/8                              Kiang Peng High School (Macao) / Teacher

2001/1 to 2006/3                              Part-time tour guide in the Globe Travel Co. Ltd/ CITS

2006/4 to Present                             Technical director in JTB Com. Ltd./ South-East Asia Co. Ltd

2012/8 to Present                             Part-time lecturer in IFT/MUST/CUM


Teaching Area

Tourism Law (In Chinese/English)

Commercial Law of Macau(in Chinese)

Gaming Law of Macau(in Chinese)

The Legal Environment of Business(in Chinese)

The Socio – Cultural Issue in Tourism


Research Area

Tourism Law and Policy


Cultural Heritage


Professional Certification and Awards

Tourist Guide Working License

Tourist Guide Certificate for Macau Cultural Heritage

Tourist Guide Certificate for World Cultural Heritage(Recognized by UNESCO)

Third Place in Incentive Plan for  Legislative Advice


Professional Society Membership

Associacao de Agentes da Area Juridica de Macau

Cultural Heritage Tourist Guide Association of Macao



Academic Publication

Important Publication

Research on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Visitors in Macao (in 2008)

The Selection of Studies in Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Macau ( 2012 )

Socio-Cultural Issues in Tourism ( in 2013 )

The Selection of Studies in Social Problem of Macau ( 2014 )


Books and Papers

From 2000 until now, about 100 essays and dissertations of mine have published in the newspapers and the journals in and outside Macao, The Followings are some: 

1. Depth Thinking of Legislation in Macau’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (Jan.16,2013, Macao Daily)

2. Scientific Cognition and Evaluation of Tourism Capacity (Oct.16 ,2013, Macao Daily)

3. Research on Feasibility of Development of B & B in Macau from the Successful Cases(Oct.15, 2014, Macao Daily)

4. Discussion of the Definition and Relationship of “Tourism” and “Cultural” (Mar.11, 2015, Macao Daily )

5. Tourism Basic Law  is Badly in Need for Macau to Fill Gaps (Dec. 28, 2016, Macao Daily)

6. Discussion on Development of Smart Tourism (Jan.25, 2017, Macao Daily )

7. Strengthening the Rule of Law and Cooperation, Protecting and Utilizing Lai Chi Wun(Feb. 22, 2017 Macao Daily)

8. Tourism Disputes and Legal Resolution(2007, Vol. 42, Journal of Macau Studies)   

9. Legal Thinking of the Contractual Relationship Between Tourist Guides and Travel Agencies ( 2009, Vol. 55 Journal of Macau Studies)

10. Scientific Construction of Theory System on the Intangible Cultural Heritage –Rethinking the Relevant Definitions and Professional Issues With Regard to Intangible Cultural Heritage(Feb. 2017, Journal of Southern East)