Chen Chen, Assistant Professor







Academic Qualification:                                                                               

Doctor of hotel and tourism management, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, 
Hong Kong Polytechnic University  

MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Sheffield Hallam; UK

BSc Tourism Management


Working Experience                                                                             

2021/08 to Present                   Part-time Assistant Professor, City University of Macau,

                                                    Faculty of International Tourism and Management

2016/11 to 2021/08                  Assistant Professor, City University of Macau,

                                                    Faculty of International Tourism and Management

2013/09 to 2016/06                  Tutor, Research Assistant, School of Hotel and Tourism Management,

                                                    Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2011/09 to 2013/07                  Lecturer, Xinzhou Normal University, China

2009/11 to 2010/07                  Event Marketing Executive, Marcus Evans (Singapore)

2007/10 to 2009/06                  Business Development Coordinator, Sheffield International Venue (UK)


Teaching Area          

Luxury Hotel Management

Leisure and Entertainment Management

Human Resource Management


Research Area                                                                               

Smart Tourism

Tourist Experience


Academic Publication

Important Publication

  • Chen Chen, Huawen Shen and Daisy X.F. Fan (2015) Hai Di Lao Hot Pot: from Employee Stimulation to Service Innovation.  Journal of China Tourism Research 11(3) pp 337-348
  • Chen Chen, Aiming Zhao (2016) China Rural Tourism: Compare Japan Rural Tourism Development and China Rural Tourism Development. World Agriculture
  • Pearl M.C.Lin, Lianping Ren, Chen Chen (2017) Customers’ Perception of the Authenticity of a Cantonese Restaurant. Journal of China Tourism Research 13(2) pp211-230
  • Chen Chen, Chen Mengqiu (2020) The influence of environmental aesthetics and consumer aesthetics on the consumption of boutique hotels. Business Economics 9 (9) pp143-pp152
  • Chen Chen (2020) The impact of smart tourism on tourist experience on meaningful and satisfactory travel: an empirical study from China. International Journal of Marketing Studies12 (9) pp65-72


Books and Papers

  • Exploring the effect of ICTs on Tourist experience with China smart tourism destination