Huang Hua, Doctor



Dr Huang has more than ten years of industrial experience as a corporate executive and seven years of university teaching experience. Dr Huang has designed

online courses for Guangdong province catering for university-level students.


Dr Huang has also assisted and guided students to participate in the "Internet+, Challenge Cup" and other national university student innovation and

entrepreneurship competitions, winning gold, grand and first prizes, such as Gold Award, Special Award and First Prize in "Internet+" and "Challenge Cup".


Dr Huang is mainly engaged in market research, consumer psychology and behaviour, entrepreneurship research and innovation management, family-friendly

policies, organizational behaviour management and social policies, finance. She has published several academic papers indexed in SCI and CSSCI journal lists. She has chaired or participated in 16 province and university-level funded projects.


Academic Qualification     

2011-2015  Macau University of Science and Technology  Phd

2008-2010  City University of Macau  MBA

1999-2002  Hunan Women's University  BBA


Working Experience

2019 - Now  Guangdong Huaxia Shuangyun Cultural Development Co. Partner

2017 - Now  City University of Macau P/T Tutor and MBA Supervisor

2016 – Now  Guangdong Technology Academy Lecturer

2017 – 2020  API Macau Secretary

2016 – 2017  Beijing Jilin University P/T Lecturer

2014 – 2016  Beijing Polytechnic Institute P/T Lecturer

2012 – 2013  Zhuhai Broadcast University P/T Lecturer

2005 – 2009  Hunan Century Tourism Ltd General Manager

2002 – 2005  Hunan China Southern Airlines Tourism Center Director


Teaching Area


Human Resources

Consumers' Behaviors

Customers' Relationship Management

Business Communication and Courtesy

Tourism Plans and Management

Banquet Management


Research Area


Consumers' Behaviors

Organizations Behaviour Management

Family Harmony Policies

Balance Between Family and Work

Profession Development

Social Policies



Professional Qualification

National Tour Guide

International Tour Guide

International Professional Courtesy Tutor


Social Services

Chairman of Macau Engineering and Management Association

Secretary of Macau Citizens' Future Development Association

Policy Study Director of API Macau


Academic Publication


  • Huang Hua., Chau, K. Y., Iqbal, W., & Fatima, A. (2021). Assessing the role of financing in the sustainable business environment. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International.(SCI,IF4.223)
  • Huang Hua (2020). Research on the Career Maturity of University Students in Dongguan and Strategies for Improvement. [J]. Contemporary Educational Practice and Teaching Research, 08:217-218.
  • Lian Zhihua, Huang Hua, Feng Nana (2016). The impact of personal and job adaptation on creative behavior in the new normal workplace: The interference effect of family friendly culture[J]. Journal of Macau University of Science and Technology, 10(1): 95-106 .
  • Zhang Ling, Nie Ting, Huang Hua (2016). Development and verification of the Family Affinity Policy Scale in Chinese Context[J]. Chinese Journal of Management, 13.3: 395-402.(CSSCI)
  • Zhang Ling, Nie Ting, Huang Hua (2014). Research on the relationship between family-friendly policies and innovative behavior based on work pressure and organizational identity mediation effects test[J]. Journal of Management, 2014, 11(5): 683~690(CSSCI)
  • Lian Zhihua, Huang Hua (2013). The impact of employee perception and work performance in real estate companies: a test of the mediation effect of occupational stress views[J]. Journal of Macau University of Science and Technology, Vol.7 No.1.
  • Ting Nie, Zhihua Lian, Hua Huang (2012). Career exploration and fit perception of Chinese new generation employees: Moderating by work values [J]. Nankai Business Review International, 4:354-375. (CSSCI)


Conference Paper

  • Lian Zhihua, Huang Hua, Long Tangzhan, Lin Yaopeng (2012): The impact of perceived supervisor support, psychological capital and job performance in private enterprises from the perspective of occupational stress-two-way adjustment model [A]. The 7th 2012 China Management Academic Annual Conference Proceedings [C].ZR77.


Research Project

  • 2020-2021 Application and research of courtesy education – based on the examples in the academies and universities in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. (PI)
  • 2021 Research for the promotion for the establishment of the smart city in Xiamen. The research is one of the most essential social studies for Xiamen Social Academy. (PI)
  • 2019 Research for service quality demand of apartments and buildings in Macau – API Macau research item. (PI )
  • 2019 Research for the adaption of new immigrants in Macau society - Macau Citizens' Future Development Association. (PI)
  • 2019 Research for the creativity of Macau’s youngsters – Macau Encouraged Teenagers Association (PI)
  • 2018 Research for the career maturation of Macau youngsters – API Macau research item. (PI )
  • 2018 Research for the satisfaction of new residents in Coloane community – API Macau research item. (PI )
  • 2017 Research for the happiness degree of employed youngsters in Macau – API Macau research item. (PI )
  • 2017-2019 Research for the career maturation of Dongguan university students – essential research topic of Dongguan Technology Academy. (PI )
  • 2017 Research for the demand for human construction resources in Macau – City University of Macau. (CI)
  • 2017 Research for the creative structure of online shopping and retail – Ministry of Education in China. (CI)
  • 2016 Research for the evolution of the creative management of enterprises in Zhangzhou – Zhangzhou Social Science Academy (CI)
  • 2015 Research for the relationship between family harmony and the motivation of employees – Fujian Youngsters' Development Association (CI)
  • 2015 Research for the adaption of family harmony policy carried out by social entrepreneurs – Ministry of Education in China. (CI)
  • 2015 Research for the adaption of family harmony policy that guided by the market – Ministry of Education in China. (CI)
  • 2015 Research for the relationship between family harmony and the motivation of employees – the effect of pressure from the workplace – Fujian Youngsters' Development Association (CI)


FOB MBA Students:

  • Zhao Shanfei – thesis title – “The research for the risk of commercial outsourcing service of the bank.”
  • Zheng Anqi – thesis title – “The research for the satisfaction of customers of the local supermarket and the service quality of local supermarket.”
  • Xu Xiaozheng – thesis title – “The research for the influences of the human resource exploitation.”
  • Yang Yan – thesis title – “The research for how the negative comments on social media affect the business of supermarket.”
  • Lin Jie – thesis title – “The research for the influences of impulsive buyers.”