Yan Qi, Associate Professor



Academic Qualification

PhD Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Master of Business, The University of Queensland 

Bachelor of Management, Nanjing Normal University, China


Working Experience

2016/09 to Now                           Associate Professor, School of Tourism and Social Management, Nanjing Xiaozhuang


2010/09 to 2016/07                     Associate Professor, School of Humanities, Nanjing Forestry University

2009/09 to 2010/08                     Lecturer, Hong Kong PolyU SPEED



CHE  TESOL  China National Tour Guide Certificate


Teaching Expertise

Hotel Management 

Travel Service Management 

Tourism English 

China Tourism Development 

Leisure Studies 

Hospitality Human Resources Management


Research Projects

  • Impact of Free Admission Attractions in China, funded by China National Tourism Administration, 2013, Principle Investigator
  • Tourism Impact of Shanghai Disneyland, funded by Jiangsu Provincial Education Bureau, 2016, Principle Investigator
  • Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District Development, funded by Hong Kong Government, Co-investigator


Research Publications

  • Yan, Q.,Ye, B. (2019) Exploration of Chinese audiences’ fascinations with concubine drams. Leisure Studies, 27, 115-130. SSCI.
  • Yan, Q., Shen H., Yang, Y. (2019) Study on group dance of Chinese senior females. Leisure Studies, 26, 98-112. SSCI.
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  • Yan, Q., & Zhang, H. (2010). The determinants of the 1999 and 2007 Chinese Golden Holiday System: A content analysis of official documentation. Tourism Management, 8, 78-89. SSCI

Conference Papers

  • Yan, Q., & Lau, C. (2010). A proposed theoretical framework to evaluate the quality of special event programming: A comparative analysis of two events.  Proceedings of the 2010 Global Events Congress IV. Leeds, UK. In press.
  • Zhang, H., Gu, H. & Yan, Q. (2008). An Analysis of Disaster Management by the Chinese Government in the Market Rejuvenation of the Tourism Industry from the Severe Snowstorms in 2008. Proceedings of the 5th China Tourism Forum, Huangshan, China, December 2008.
  • Zhang, H., Li, N. & Yan, Q. (2008). The Effects of Power, Ideology, Interest Groups and the Government on Tourism Policy Making—A Conceptual Model. Proceedings of the 6th Asia-Pacific (APacCHRIE) Conference and THE-ICE International Panel of Experts Forum, Perth, Australia, May 2008.
  • Zhang, H., Luo, J. & Yan, Q. (2007). Can Pearls Be Pals? –An Analysis of Tourism Cooperation in the Greater Pearl River Delta, China: Evidence from Focus Group Interviews of Tourism Authority Officials. Proceedings of the 2007 Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism, Xiamen, China, September 2007.



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