Xi Li, Professor, Executive Associate Dean (Ph.D Supervisor)


Office:  5F, Building N                                                                 

Tel.:      8590-2519                                                                       

E-mail:  xli@cityu.edu.mo                                                                 


Academic Qualification:                                                                               

Ph.D. of Urban Studies and Regional Economics, East China Normal University

Master of Science, Hubei University

Bachelor of Economics, Hubei University


Working Experience                                                                             

2020/9 to present            City University of Macau, Faculty of International Tourism and Management,  

                                           Professor, Executive Associate Dean, Ph.D Supervisor

2016/9 to 2020/8             City University of Macau, Faculty of International Tourism and Management,  

                                           Associate Professor, Ph.D Supervisor                                                                         

2011/9 to 2016/8             City University of Macau, Faculty of International Tourism and Management,  

                                           Invited Professor, Associate Dean, Ph.D Supervisor

2005/9 to 2011/8             Macau University of Science and Technology, Faculty of International Tourism Management,

                                           Associate Professor, Program Coordinator


Teaching Area                                                                               

Tourism Resource Management

Tourism Environment Management

Tourist Attraction Planning and Environment

Introduction to MICE Industry

MICE Project Design and Management

Market Research



Research Area                                                                               

Tourism Destination Management

MICE Industry Management     


Professional Certification and Awards

Tour Guide Certificate of the People 's Republic of China (English)




Academic Publication

Journal Paper

  • Zhu, C., Fong, L. H. N., Li, X*, Buhalis, D., Chen, H. (2023). Short video marketing in tourism: Telepresence, celebrity attachment, and travel intention, International Journal of Tourism Research, https://doi.org/10.1002/jtr.2599. (SSCI)    *Corresponding author
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Research Projects 

  • Macau Foundation: Research on the influence of festival landscapes on participant experience and behavior intentions, PI, 2020.
  •  National Social Science Fund Project: Research on the Measurement of the Development Level of Beautiful China and Its Impact on the Changes of Inbound Tourism Flow, Main Participant, 2019.
  • Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Overall Planning for Rural Tourism Development of Baoqian Village, Sanya City, Consultant, 2019.
  • Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Master Plan for Rural Tourism Development in Zhanan Village, Sanya City, Consultant, 2019.
  • Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Overall Planning of Rural Tourism Development in Lixin Village, Sanya City, Consultant, 2019.
  • Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Master Plan for the Development of Sanya Sports Tourism, Consultant, 2019.
  • Macau Foundation: Leisure Motivation, Leisure Activity Involvement and Well-being Research-Taking Macau Silver Haired Group as an Example, PI, 2019.
  • Macao Chinese Enterprise Association, Davos intelligence: Macao's strategic plan for the development of world tourism and leisure center, Macao expert representative, 2018.
  • Macau Foundation: Strategic Research on Improving the Quality of Macau's Leisure Environment under the Background of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, PI, 2018.
  • Macau Foundation: Social Impact of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) Of Chinese Mainland Tourists on Macau Evidence from Macau Residents, PI, 2017.
  • Macau Foundation: Research on the Impact of Tourists’ Perception of Authenticity in Cultural Heritage Sites on Experience Quality and Behavioral Intentions, PI, 2016.
  • Macau Foundation: Research on the Impact of Cultural Differences on Consumer Behavior, PI, 2015.
  • Macau Foundation: Research on Leisure Tourism Service Quality, Experience Value and Behavior Intention, PI, 2014.
  • Macau Tourism Development Commission: Research on the status quo of the career development of Macau tour guides and environmental optimization strategies, major participants, 2013.
  • Macau SAR Government Tourism Office: 2013 survey of Taiwanese tourists visiting Macau, major participant, 2013.
  • Macau Tourism Development Commission: Survey and Research on Tourists at Tourist Attractions in Macau, Main Participants, 2011.
  • Macau Tourism Development Commission: Research on the Optimization Strategy of Macau Port Regional Tourism Service System, Major Participant, 2010.
  • Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau: Research on the optimization of youth living conditions and growth paths in Macau gaming industry, major participant, 2010.
  • A joint project commissioned by the eight departments of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government: Research on the Passenger Flow Control at the Macau Border Gate Port during Peak Period, the main participant, 2010.
  • Macau Foundation: Research on the Branding Development Strategy of Convention and Exhibition City, PI, 2009.
  • Macau Foundation: Research on the Optimization of Macau Business Tourism Image System, PI, 2008.
  • Macao Special Administrative Region Government Tourism Office: Research on the development status of professional tourist guides in Macao, major participant, 2008.
  • Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Project: "A Strategic Study on Shanghai's Establishment of an International Industrial R&D Center", major participant, 2006.
  • Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Project: "Study on Promoting Interaction between Multinational Corporation R&D Institutions and Local Areas and Technology Diffusion Effect", main participant, 2005.
  • Master plan for tourism development in Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, major participant, 2005.
  • The Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Tourism Development in Fujian Province, major participant, 2004.
  • The master plan for the development of the coastal tourism belt in Fujian Province, main participant, 2004.
  • Master plan for tourism development in Lufeng County, Guangdong Province, major participant, 2004.
  • Master plan for tourism development in Huilai County, Guangdong Province, major participant, 2003.
  • The National Natural Science Foundation of China: "Research on Multinational Corporations' R&D Investment in China and Its Spatial Effects", main participant, 2003.
  • Master plan for tourism development of Puning City, Guangdong Province, major participant, 2003.
  • Development strategy plan of Wuhan Tourism Group, main participant, 2002.
  • Development strategy plan of Changjiang Shipping Group, major participant, 2002.
  • The master plan for the development of tourism in Fujian Province, project team member, 2001.
  • Master plan for tourism development of Dawu County, Hubei Province, major participant, 2001.
  • Detailed tourism planning of Meimenzhai scenic spot in Anlu, Hubei, main participant, 2001.
  • Constructive detailed planning of Huangniuyan tourist attraction in the Three Gorges of Yichang City, main participant, 2002.
  • Master Plan for Fuzhou Tourism Development, main participant, 2001.