Cultural Exchange Seminar Successfully Held---"Changzhou Culture and Changzhou Celebrities"

On January 7, 2022, a delegation from Jiangsu Institute of Technology visited our school for academic exchanges. Among them, Ms. Chen

Xiaoxue, deputy dean of Changzhou Celebrity Research Institute and director of the library of Jiangsu Institute of Technology, was invited to

give lectures to teachers and students of our faculty. Ms. Chen Xiaoxue has authored five monographs including "Research on the Ecological

Economy of the Three Rivers Sources", "Research on the Development of Private Economy in Southern Jiangsu", "Logic of Innovation-Driven

Regional Transformation and Upgrading and Practical Research in Jiangsu"; Published more than 40 academic papers.



Ms. Chen Xiaoxue brought a wonderful speech to our teachers and students


The lecture revolved around the past, present and future of Changzhou. Ms. Chen Xiaoxue introduced the development achievements of

Changzhou in various fields in detail. Among them, for Changzhou's "celebrity phenomenon culture", Ms. Chen Xiaoxue defines it as the

synthesis of the existing, inheritance, creation and development of group social phenomenon and inner spirit. Curator Chen Xiaoxue

introduced the significance of outstanding figures in various fields to the history of China's development in combination with the academic

research direction of celebrity research with the characteristics of Jiangsu Institute of Technology. Changzhou has a large number of celebrities in the past dynasties, a wide range of fields, and a great influence, which left a deep impression on the teachers and students present. Today,

Changzhou people still uphold Changzhou's profound historical heritage and make continuous contributions to Changzhou's development




After the seminar, the teachers and students present took a group photo)


After Ms. Chen Xiaoxue's speech, many teachers and students expressed that their understanding of Changzhou has been improved, and they hope to have the opportunity to travel to Changzhou in the future. Ms. Chen Xiaoxue cordially and enthusiastically expressed that she

welcomes our teachers and students to experience the unique local culture in Changzhou in the future. After the lecture, teachers and students of our school took a group photo with Ms. Chen Xiaoxue, and the seminar ended successfully.