FITM Academic Research Seminar Series Sharing by Renowned Scholar

On March 14, 2022, the college invited Professor Anthony IP KIN Wong to give a lecture on the academic frontier of teachers and students

entitled "Research Design Foundation of High-Level Tourism Academic Papers - Interdisciplinary Perspective". This event is one of the

college's academic lectures and seminars series. The lecture adopts a combination of online and offline mode.



Photo of Professor Anthony Wong


At the beginning of the seminar, Professor Wong shared with the students the design process and thinking methods of writing research

papers from two aspects: "Research Method Considerations" and "Literature Review". He explained common academic terms in a simple and

simple way by way of examples. Professor Anthony Wong's speech is witty and humorous, and the breakthrough point of the speech is very

novel and unique. The two-hour lecture time left many students unfulfilled. During the question-and-answer session, the participating

students raised a lot of questions about their studies and scientific research. Professor Huang gave patient answers based on his own scientific research experience.



Students responded enthusiastically during the seminar



Students in the Seminar


Professor Anthony's profound knowledge, humorous personality, and keen scientific research thinking have benefited the students a lot

during this short two-hour seminar. After the seminar, many students still stayed to discuss and communicate with Professor Anthony Wong.


In order to better promote the communication between teachers and students, expand the horizons of students, and improve the academic

standards of students, the Faculty of Tourism and Management will invite more famous teachers to continue to hold academic lectures and

sharing activities on different themes in the near future. The faculty and students of the college bring a more exciting academic experience

and stimulate students' interest in learning and research.