FITM Academic Research Symposium----New Trends in Hospitality Research

In order to enrich the academic perspective of students of FITM and improve students' understanding and mastery of cutting-edge

knowledge, on April 14, 2022, our faculty invited Professor Li Jun from South China Normal University to open "New Trends in Hospitality

Research from the Perspective of Modern Service Industry" seminar. The seminar was conducted in the form of an online meeting, and a small number of seats were opened in the classroom of the college. Nearly 60 students both online and offline participated in the lecture.



Seminar are conducted in the form of online and offline conferences


In the seminar, Professor Li Jun combined his years of scientific research experience and experience to analyze the changes of traditional

service industry and modern service industry to the students, and introduced the basic model of modern organizational behavior research,

and integrated the literature of hospitality industry research. In this review, three major challenges for the future of hospitality research are

predicted. At the same time, he explained to the students some knowledge blind spots that are easy to ignore in the usual study, and

introduced the research methods of interdisciplinary.



Screenshot of Professor Li Jun's online seminar


Professor Li Jun's contagious lecture style not only enlivened the atmosphere of the scene, but also taught students a lot of practical

knowledge and introduced the innovative theoretical basis of the service industry to the students. Professor Li Jun used actual cases to let

students understand a series of changes brought about by social development, and let students understand the direction and measures of

today's service industry changes. Finally, in the question answering session, Professor Li Jun's research content aroused the students' interest

in inquiry, and many students actively asked questions. Professor Li Jun patiently answered various questions of the students one by one, and the students all said that they benefited a lot.



Students join in the seminar offline


This lecture is rich in content, which not only allowed the students to understand the new trends of the service industry, but also gave

everyone a deep understanding of hospitality research from the perspective of the modern service industry. It is important for promoting

students' academic research interest and learning and innovation ability. Inspiration. In the future, FITM will also invite more lecturers to hold

various special lectures to broaden students' knowledge and stimulate students' desire to explore the development of the industry.