University-Industry Cooperation Series - Teachers and students of FITM are invited to attend the Lecture Series on Talent Development of MGM

Dr. Wendy Gao, Dr. Vivien Wu, and Dr. Wang Yingjuan of FITM led students to MGM's special lecture on "Tea, Health, and Professional Quality" on October 19, 2022. This lecture is part of the "MGM Talent Development Series: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tea

Culture Exchange Series," which is being co-organized by MGM and the Macao Tea Art Professionals' Association.


The purpose of this lecture is to help Macau continue to build a world tourism and leisure center. Through university-industry cooperation,

with the theme of tea culture, to inherit and promote the spirit of Chinese tea ceremony, present the beauty of Chinese tea art, and Chinese

culture. The keynote speakers invited the national first-class tea critic Mr. Zhu Cheng and the president of the Tea Art Professionals'

Association of Macao Chen Peilan.


Mr. Zhu introduced the classification of tea and the auxiliary effects of different types of tea on dietary characteristics and frequently-

occurring diseases in different regions. On-site diagnosis was made on the physical health of the guests, and targeted guidance and

suggestions on the most suitable tea were given. Mr. Zhu's explanation provided the students with a better understanding of the auxiliary

role of tea consumption in physical health.



After the lecture, the staff of MGM led the students to visit the hotel's senior suites, shopping centers and other places, as well as the hotel's

staff area for observation and learning. This experiential learning allows students to go deep into the front line of hotel management, discover the problems that frequently arise during the hotel management process, answer questions raised during theoretical study, and learn how to

face and solve problems in hotel management. FITM will continue to strengthen experiential learning, expand industry exchanges, and

improve our students' practical skills.



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