FITM Students Taking up Disney’s Preparation Courses at FSU

Twelve students from FITM City U have been awarded a great opportunity to enroll in the internship program of the Florida State University (FSU) with the cooperation of Walt Disney World (WDW) in Orlando, U.S. Accompanied by FITM Program Coordinator, Dr. Eusebio Leou, and senior lecturer, Ms. Maggie Yung, all enrolled participants arrived at FSU in Tallahassee. They have started their preparatory courses like, “Organization & Service Management” and “Cross Cultural Communication” along with other participants from different countries. These courses are the foundation of the Internship Program in the next six months.

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) of FSU arranged professors in the Disney Corp. as the instructor for the courses, “Organization & Service Management” and “Cross Cultural Communication.” All student participants garnered basic knowledge of the Walt Disney Corp. such as background, corporate culture and staff management from the class. This would come handy for all the participants as they prepare for the upcoming Internship Program.

Interactive activities allow students to make friends with each other even as they come from different countries and colleges. They learn how to peer into the situation quickly despite the different cultural backgrounds, as well as complete a task together as a team. Not only it is a great inspiration for training all the participants to understand the  concepts of “Team work” and “Intercultural relations,” but also it lays a good foundation for the participants when they work with the “Casts (colleagues)” from the different cultural background and serve the “Guests (customers)” from different countries during the Internship Program.

The courses not only use a notional-functional approach to increase the foreigner participants’ interest in the theoretical study, but also arrange Site Visits to many tourism and hospitality related industries, such as Chick-Fil-A, OMNI Amelia Island Resort, and Golden Eagle Golf & Country Club. With the in-site visits and introductions by the management staff of the visited industries, students learn in real time of the backstage management during these visits. FSU courses instructors use a variety of field trips to make sure the participants can understand the course content quickly and clearly, as they prepare for their upcoming work in the WDW in a couple of weeks.

After accomplishing the Preparation Courses at FSU, all participants will depart for WDW in Orlando and they will start their six-month Internship Program with almost 7,500  other trainees from all over the world.

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