"Combining Theory with Practice" –students of the Faculty of International Tourism and Management (FITM) visited Macau Business Aviation Exhibition

In order to better understand logistics management of exhibition practically, on November 13, 2022, Adjunct Lecturer of the faculty of

International Tourism and Management, Joanna Leung, led 14 undergraduate students of the class of 2020 to Macau Business Aviation



Mr. Leung, Head of Macau Business Aviation Center, introduced the basic concept of business aircraft, the VIP lounge and immigration lobby of business aircraft. At the same time, the General Manager and Vice Chairman of Macau Business Aviation Centre expressed their thanks and expectations for our future visit. After the visit, the students are expected to summarize the exhibition and have a deeper understanding of

the operation process of air logistics and transportation.




During the visit, students actively asked questions and discussed enthusiastically:


Yuan Yue asked questions and discussed issues with Sofia, a member of the air traffic control tower. "It turns out that aviation aircraft also have many rules to follow, and the biggest principle is: get the best safety with the least risk."


Zhou HongQi learned about the procedure of boarding and disembarking, the service of the business aviation, and summarized why some

customers choose the business type. Because there are four factors that attract customers to choose to buy business aircraft, image, speed, 

confidentiality and security, these four factors are exactly in line with the services required by enterprises and companies.



After the visit, Wang DingYiHe and Wang Tongyu summarized the exhibition, "Finally looking forward to this day!" Under the guidance of our teacher, we visited the 11th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition. This was also my first visit to an aviation-related exhibition, which made me

feel very new and shocked. What impressed me was the information about business jets when I visited the interior, and the thought-

provoking question asked by the teacher: "How to attract more international travelers in the era of the epidemic". I thought deeply and realized that I needed to keep striving for progress in my future study life and to become a social pillar." ’



Finally, Joanna Leung, adjunct Lecturer of FITM shared the visit with the students in the class and summarized the content of the visit. Taking

the Macau Business Aviation Exhibition as a case, this visit not only allowed the undergraduate students to understand the history and

development of Macao's business aviation industry, but also understood the logistics process of the air exhibition, so that the students deeply realized the principle of "combining theory with practice", so as to better learn the course of exhibition logistics, which was a meaningful

teaching activity experience.