FITM successfully held the Preparatory Students Seminar

On 23 March, FITM held an explanatory seminar at the Cultural Centre. The event was to introduce and explain the undergraduate profile and curriculum of FITM to the students of the preparatory class who are about to choose the college, so as to promote them to have a clear

direction when formally choosing the undergraduate major and attract more outstanding students to choose to study. In addition, FITM will

communicate and exchange questions and consultations on the students of the preparatory students and welcome the students of the

advanced courses to enroll in the courses of the college and join the FITM family in the future.


Assistant Professor Wang Xin personally introduced the philosophy and policy of the college, FITM Has always paid attention to cultivating

talents with an international vision and high quality, and the undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs offered by the college

have been fully certified by UNWTO TedQual. In the "2020 Ranking of World-Class Subjects in Soft Subjects", the school ranks in the top 20% of the world in the tourism and leisure management disciplines of universities in the database ranking, ranking 54th in the world.


The college pays attention to the combination of industry and education, actively promotes international cooperation, and cooperates closely with the academic industry at home and abroad, and has set up a wealth of overseas study tour activities and internship programs, providing students with many opportunities for practical learning, cross-cultural exchange and exercise.


Finally, the students actively interacted with each other to ask questions, the scene was lively, and the explanatory meeting of the pre-trainees was successfully concluded.