FITM traveled to Australia with university delegations to seek cooperation and visit graduates.

The City University of Macau delegation, led by Vice President Zhou Wanlei and Pro-rectors So Kam Hung and Chu Te Lin, recently visited

Australia to strengthen connections and cooperation between international higher education institutions, broaden talent exchange channels, and attract outstanding academic talent. The delegation visited four internationally renowned universities: the University of Sydney,

the University of Technology Sydney, the University of New South Wales, and Macquarie University. Professor Li Xi, E executive associate Dean of the FITM, joined the delegation.



Group photo of City University of Macau delegation


During his visit, Professor Li Xi had in-depth discussions with the international cooperation departments of the University of Technology

Sydney and Macquarie University about future collaboration in areas such as teacher recruitment and student exchange. Furthermore, the

delegation gained a thorough understanding of the four universities' unique campus space planning and instructional models. The

delegation also paid a visit to Mr. Cai Zhi, a FITM alumnus who had recently arrived at the University of New South Wales to pursue a master's degree. Professor Li Xi had a pleasant conversation with Mr. Cai, learned about his living and studying life in Australia, and encouraged him to continue working hard and achieving outstanding outcomes.



Cai Zhi (middle) took a photo with Student Affairs Office Director Chao Chan Chong and Executive Associate Dean Li Xi


This trip to Australia not only strengthened ties between City University of Macau and internationally renowned universities, but also laid the

groundwork for future collaboration. At the same time, visiting students studying in Australia demonstrated the university's ongoing care and support for graduates.