Kenneth Ng Shiu Pong, Assistant Professor



Doctor of Philosophy (International Tourism Management) in City University of Macau
Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Level2
Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE), American Hotel and Lodging Association

MSc (Hons) Marketing Management in National University of Ireland, Dublin

B.A (Hons) Hospitality, Major in Marketing in University of Derby
Higher Diploma, International Hotel Management in Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland


Teaching Experience

05/2019 - Present   The University of Sunderland in Hong Kong, Visiting Graduate teaching fellow and
                                  Supervisor for Master Degree Thesis (MBA and Msc)
09/2014 - Present    City University of Macau, FITM, Visiting Assistant Professor
09/2014 - Present    Macau University of Science and Technology, FHTM, Visiting Assistant Professor
02/2014 - 09/2014   City University of Macau, FITM, Full-Time Lecturer and International Exchange and
                                   Student Affairs Coordinator
08/2011 - 01/2014 Macau University of Science and Technology, FHTM, Full-Time Lecturer
09/2008 - 06/2011 Hong Kong Hospitality & Tourism Academy, Full-Time Lecturer and Leader in Business
                                  and Hospitality Management


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Research Project

  • 中葡論壇「2020葡語國家旅遊, 會展管理研修班」內部培訓師
  • 澳基會資助「澳 旅客與澳 居民在情感相互的體驗研究」項目顧問
  • Content Writer in Food and Beverage (2017-2018), the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) project (2015-2018) - 「Development of Effective Pedagogical Practices and a Cross-Institutional Online Sharing Platform for Hong Kong’s Vocational Education and Training (VET)」, a cross-institutional project involves four parties (VTC, OUHK, and CBCC), HKSAR Education Bureau
  • 香港政府教育局 [質素提升支援計劃] 網上教育平台餐飲管理作者 (2017-2018). 
  • 澳門基金會資助「訪澳遊客對澳 智慧旅遊滿意度研究」項目負責人 , 2014
  • 「中葡論壇2014 - 葡語國家旅遊, 會展管理研修班」承辦方活動統籌主任