Liu Song Bai, Professor



Academic Qualification

1978 - 1982                        Department of Economics ,Beijing Normal University

                                            Bachelor's degree in Economics

1982 – 1984                       Department of Economics, Beijing Normal University

                                            Master's degree in Economics

1988 - 1995                        Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

                                            PhD in Economics and Business


Working Experience

1984 - Present                   Beijing Normal University, Professor     

1990 - 1996                        Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration,  Lecturer

2001                                    Otto-Von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany, Visiting Professor

2003 - 2011                        Tiffin University, USA, Visiting Professor

2007 - 2008                        MBA Education Center, Beijing Normal University, Director

2008 - 2011                        Beijing Normal University, Librarian


Society Membership


1996 - Present                   China Overseas Returned Scholars Association -Germany and Austria Branch,  Trustee


2007 - 2011                        Beijing Normal University Academic Degree Committee, Commissioner

2005 - 2011                        Beijing Normal University Education Steering Committee, Commissioner


Academic Publication

Journal or conference papers

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Monographs and textbooks

  1. Liu, Songbai(2001). "Principles of Management", Higher Education Press, 2001.
  2. Liu, Songbai(1998)."Einfuehrung in die Wirschaftschinesisch" (German Version), Oldenbourg Press, 1998.
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  7. Rue, Leslie W.& Byars, Lloyd L.(2005). "Management - Skills and application", Beijing University Press, 2006 (translation:  Liu, Songbai).

Research projects:

  1. 1996/10 - 2000/10 : "95" key project, National Social Sciences Fund, P. R. China:  "Study of the new structure of the world’s economics : A new world economics pattern in the European Union".
  2. 2002-2003 : Collaborative research project with Magdeburg University, Germany: "International Management".
  3. 2002-2003 : Collaborative research project with Kybernetika Company, Austria : "Change Management".
  4. 2003-2006 : Collaborative reserach project with Beijing Guanghua School of Management Training Center: "International comparative study of the MBA education and teaching".
  5. 2006-2008 : Teaching Reform and Construction Project, Beijing Normal University : "Study of the experimental teaching reform in the undergraduate education among Business Administration majors".
  6. 2006 ~ 2008 : Collaborative research project with Sogn og Fjordane University College, Norway: "A comparative Study of Norwegian enterprises in China and Chinese enterprises".
  7. Collborative research project with Montclair State University, USA : "A comparative study of the management education in China and USA".
  8. 2007-2010 : Collaborative research project with Hong Kong Tianma Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. : "Application of Six Sigma model in small- and medium-sized enterprises".
  9. 2007-2010 : Collaborative research project with Bocai Research Institute, Macao: "Applied research of customer relationship management model".
  10. 2007-2008 : Collaborative research project with IBM China Research Institute: "Study of the major constructs of trust and the trust model under Web2.0l".
  11. 2008-2009 : Collaborative research project with Admetus Macao Co. Ltd.:  "Study of the theories about corporate change".
  12. 2008-2009 : Collaborative research project with Super Gold Holding Company, Hong Kong: "Study of corporate’s diversified development".
  13. 2008-2009 : Seminal Course, Ministry of Education, P. R. China : "Construction project: Modern service theories and the cases of industrial application".