Bu Naipeng, Associate Professor


Email: bunp@sdu.edu.cn


Academic Qualification: 

Doctor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Master, Griffith University (Australia)


Job or Academic Part-time:

Member of UNWTO Tourism Experts Panel

Member of PATA Tourism Experts Panel

Deputy Secretary General, International Smart Tourism Conference(ISTC)

Associate Dean, International Institute of Tourism Science, Shandong University
《Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management》Peer Review
《International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality   Management》Peer Review
《Journal of China Tourism Research》Peer Review


Teaching Area   

Destination Management

Tourism Culture

Human Resource Management


Research Area

Tourism planning

Destination image and competitiveness


Academic Publication

Journal Paper

  • Naipeng (Tom) Bu, Di (Steve) Xu, Fei (Emily) Zhong & Honggen Xiao. (2018). The 12th UNWTO/PATA forum on tourism trends and outlook, Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research, DOI: 10.1080/13032917.2018.1546271
  • Li, H., & Bu, N. Discussion on the Homestay development of Jinan based on the perspective of ecological museum [J]. Tourism Overview, 2018, 10   (Shandong Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Project, Project Number:   J17RB132).
  • Li, H., & Bu, N. The Development of Chinese Art Festival and the   Innovation and Effect of the“Ten Arts Festival”[J]. Shen Zhou, 2018, 10  (Jinan City Special Project of Party History Research of Philosophy and Social Science, Project Number: JNSK18DS27).
  • Orianne. D., & Bu. N. (2018). Annual Report UNWTO/CHIMELONG Initiative Projects. Printed and Bound by the World Tourism Organization.
  • Carter. R., & Bu. N. (2017). UNWTO General Assembly Smart Tourism Session Report.
  • Li, H., Bu, N., & Liu, S. Research on the Internationalization of China-ASEAN Higher Vocational Tourism Education under the Background of“Belt and Road”[J]. ASEAN Tourism Research and Prospects (Internal Issue), 2017.   (Corresponding Author)
  • Tao, L., & Bu, N. Research on the current situation and countermeasures of tourism development in ASEAN countries under the background of Regional Economic Integration [J]. ASEAN Tourism Research and Prospects (Internal Issue), 2017. (Corresponding Author)
  • Bu, N., Xiao, H., & Kong, H. Analysis of Tourism Destination Image and Competitiveness: A Case Study of Lijiang Lu Gu Lake in Yunnan Province [J]. Travel Forum, 2018, 11 (03): 102-112.
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  • Xu,   S., L., M., Bu, N., & Pan, S. (2017). Regulatory frameworks for ecotourism: An application of Total Relationship Flow Management Theorems. Tourism Management, 61, 321-330.   Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund Project of the Ministry of   Education of China (Project Number: 14YJA630027)
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  • Bu, N., Zhu, F., & Liu, S. Analysis of the Driving Factors for   Promoting the Development of Tourism Destinations - Taking the Gold Coast as an Example [J]. Economic and Trade Practice, 2015, (9): 59.
  • Bu, N., Zhu, F., & Yi, S. The main development direction and career planning of tourism management major [J]. Curriculum   Education Research, 2015, (7): 217-218.
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Conference Paper

  • Ng, J. B., Bu, N., and   Xiao, H. (2018, concurrent session oral presentation). Differences of Asian   Paradigm between Small-to-medium sized Hotel and International Hotel Chain in   Thailand. 2018 Asia Pacific (APac) Chapter Conference, 1st   December – 3rd December, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Attend the 12th   UNWTO/PATA Forum on TOURISM TRENDS AND OUTLOOK, Guilin, China. 25 October –   27 October 2018.
  • Attend the 7th UNWTO   Global Summit on Urban Tourism, Seoul, Korea. 16 Sep – 19 Sep, 2018.
  • Bu, N., Ng, J., &   Kong, H. (2018, concurrent session oral presentation). How Asian Culture Exists in Asian Branded Resort Hotel: Investigating the Effects of Tangible Factors on Customer Experience. 2018 Asia Pacific (APac) Chapter Conference, 1st   December – 3rd December, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Bu, N., Ng, J., &   Tao, Li. (2017, concurrent session oral presentation). The Influence of Asian   Culture in the Asian Hospitality Management. 2017 Asia Pacific (APac) Chapter   Conference (6-8 December, Hong Kong).
  • Ng, J. B., Bu, N., and Schuckert, M. (2017).   Innovation in a Small Social Enterprise Restaurant. The 3rd Global   Tourism and Hospitality Conference, June 5-7, Hong Kong, China.
  • Bu, N., Ng, J., &   Xiao, H. (2016, concurrent session oral presentation). Travel agents and senior travelers’ markets in Hong Kong. China Tourism Forum (8-10 October,   Nanjing).
  • As a coordinator,   attended for “The 10th UNWTO/PATA Forum on Tourism Trends and Outlook”, Guilin, China. 20-22 October 2016.
  • Attend the “Human Resources Forum, Hospitality - People with Purpose 2016”, Hotel   ICON, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 25 Apr 2016.
  • As representative of   Group Members, I done the poster presentation session for the State of   Industry Research Presentation’ at Hotel ICON to members of the Board.
  • The research project was “The Application and Development of e-Learning in Hotel Training Hong   Kong”. 25th November 2015.
  • As a coordinator,   attended for “The 9th UNWTO/PATA Forum on Tourism Trends and Outlook”,   Guilin, China. 19-21 October 2015.
  • Luo, W. B., Zhang, T and Bu, N. P. (2015). How Does Tourism Make Rural Land Use More Sustainable: A Model from Guangshan Village, Changsha City, China? Conference Proceedings of International Conference on: Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Communities. Hong Kong, May 6-8.


Project Awards

  • 01/2019 Participated in the expert review meeting of Weihai Forest Tourism Master Plan.
  • 12/2018 The “Internet +” presentation delivered for Master students at Shandong University. 
  • 11/2018 Invited by Weihai Tourism Bureau, as an expert, attend 2018 Weihai Tour Guide Contest.
  • 11/2018 Invited by UNWTO, attend the Project Inception Meeting of Nanxun Tourism Development Strategy.
  • 06/2018 Participated in the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of Shandong Higher Education Institutions - Based on the Eco-Museum   Perspective Jinan Homestay Research (Project Number: J17RB132).
  • 06/2018 Participated in the Special Topic of the Study of the Party History of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jinan (Project Number: JNSK18DS27).
  • 05/2018 Participated in the seminar on “Capacity Building of Tourism Destination Marketing and Tourism Development”by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Macau Institute of Tourism.
  • 04/2018 Participated in the Guangzhou Philosophy and Social Science   Planning Project - An Empirical Study on the Self-employment Effect of Guangdong's Famous Tourism Towns: A Perspective of Coordinated Development in Urban and Rural Areas (Project Number: 2018GZYB114).
  • 03/2018 Participated in the international seminar on“Building a World Famous Tourism City in Shanghai”.
  • 01/2018 Responsible for the IFT Global Centre for Tourism Education and Training and UNWTO 5th Training Programme.
  • 01/2018 Participated in the organization and coordination of the   FITUR/Madrid International Tourism Exhibition.
  • 11/2017 Responsible for the Overall Tourism Planning (UNWTO Project) in Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
  • 11/2017 Responsible for the IFT Global Centre for Tourism Education and Training and UNWTO 4th Training Programme.
  • 09/2017 Responsible for the preparation, coordination and organization of the Sustainable Green Tourism Development Forum in Pu'er City, Yunnan Province (UNWTO Project).
  • 09/2017 Responsible for the Special Session on Smart Tourism of the 22nd General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
  • 07/2017 Participated in the preparation, coordination and organization of the 22nd General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization  (UNWTO).
  • 04/2017 As an invited reviewer, review the conference paper of the 3rd Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference, Hong Kong。
  • 01/2017 Participated in the tourism planning of Yanggu County, Shandong Province.
  • 10/2016 Participated in the research and tourism product development of Dongbai Mountain Scenic Spot in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province.
  • 08/2016 As one of the team members, participated and compiled“UNWTO/PATA Forum on Tourism Trends and Outlook”(2007-2015)。
  • 08/2016 As an invited guest, participated and guided the "Hong Kong Wetland Park College   Summer Internship Program".
  • 12/2015 Participated in the research and development of tourism in   Jiuzhou Island, Zhuhai City, the positioning of tourism products and projects.
  • 05/2015 Participated in the tourism planning and development of the   Lijiang Lu Gu Lake Scenic Area in Yunnan Province, and conducted tourism research, analysis, tourism product planning and preliminary positioning of tourism feasibility products.