Series Seminar on Innovation and Strategic Management of Tourism Enterprises (V):The Use of Digitization in Hotel

On May 14th, we are honored to invite Dr. Xin Huang, the Chairman of Wintour Technology to give our master students a seminar on “the

Use of Digitization in Hotel” at Ho Yin Conference Center HG01. Dr. Li Xi, Executive Associate Dean of FITM, the course coordinators Dr. Bo

Gao and Dr. Huawen Shen, also attended the seminar.


Dr. Huang’s research interests include digital marketing, social customer relationship management and digital transformation strategy. He is not only a professional trainer in tourism and hotel industry, but also the consultant for many well-known technology companies and

universities. In this seminar, Dr. Huang elaborated the application of digital economy in China's hotel and tourism industry around "Digital

Marketing", and proceeded from four aspects: Digital marketing background, Digital marketing status and ecology, Digital marketing trend

and Digital "talents".


In the interactive session, the students had a lively discussion with Dr. Huang on how to improve business awareness, cultivate data analysis

capabilities, and how to evaluate the effects of digital marketing. Dr. Huang answers the questions from the theoretical and practical level,

and suggests that students should have a deep understanding of products, master user operation, and be good at turning business problems into data problems, so as to become a qualified digital "talent". This lecture broadened the vision of "digital economy" of students and

deepened their understanding of digital marketing.