FITM and FED of City U Hold English Corner Series — Family

FITM and FED hold English Corner series—Family successfully on Oct 24th, 2015. In Macau, people are always celebrating their big days in Oct, like PRC National day, Cheung Yeung Festival, Zambia Independence Day, South Korean National Day and Portuguese-speaking countries’ Lusofonia, etc. Therefore, organizers of EC designed the procedures with the theme-Family to express their love to their motherland and families. Furthermore, in order to well prepared, some organizers even went to Lusofonia to fully experience Macau festival mood.

Such an interesting event not only welcomed students from City U, but also attracted foreign students from USJ and high school students in Macau. This time the host was the UNWTO student representative, Mary. Opening was a welcome song named We Are the World. Procedures are listed as followed:

1 Icebreaking game—French trails, Cécile V & R introduced a popular French game to encourage students to contact more; 2 Theme video—National Days, Mary introduced the topic by showing participants videos about French Revolution, Zambia Independence Day and National Day in PRC, etc. Besides that, organizers from different countries briefly stated how they celebrated their national day and how they treated elders in their family; 3 Group discussion—Motherland and families, attendances were been classified into different groups, which was led by organizers who would encourage them to share their experiences and practice more; 4 Gramma sharing--vocabulary games, Mary, Cécile and Ivanka explained how to play English vocabulary games to participants in an uncommon way; 5 Singing together—Country Road, all the participants sang together to express their love to their home and families.

Ana, a foreign student from USJ, and high school students told the organizers that they regarded English Corner as an effective way to improve their English as well as a nice platform to interact and know different cultures better. Besides that, they were very looking forward to attending the next English Corner. At the end, organizers and international students shake hands and hugged all the participants, which made attendances felt really sweet and warm, just like a big family.

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