Students in FITM, City University of Macau took part in cultural tourism filming

Cultural-oriented tourism is becoming popular these years in Macau. Months before, approximately 150 FITM, City U students watched the live show Swordsman of Dragon TV. From the booking process to the attendance part, students’ enthusiasm in participation and efficiency left an unforgettable impression to the organizers, which deserved a high appraisal. 

It is a precious opportunity for students to observe the whole living recording and know more about the administration behind the screen. Team work is the core of a successful live show. Besides that, the high quality of the shows are intricate, which made students there laugh out loud, applaud heavily, or cry emotionally with the plot to ups and downs .

Dragon TV is well known all over the world due to high quality shows and news. The production team would like to broaden the students ’horizon, and look forward to an in-depth cooperation with FITM, City University of Macau in the near future.


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