Service Industry Management Students visit the “2021 Macau Business Aviation Exhibition”

The“2021 Macau Business Aviation Exhibition”which co-sponsored by Nam Kwong (Group) Company Ltd., China Aviation Supplies Holding Company and Macau Convention & Exhibition Association, was held on 12th-14th November, 2021 at Macau International Airport. City

University of Macau, Faculty of International Tourism and Management -- Bachelor of Service Industry Management Year 4 students, visited

the event in the morning of 12th November. This was an outdoor inspection class for the subject of Luxury Products Management organized

by our college; and led by Ms. Lam Cheng I (lecturer of the subject). Students had an opportunity to attend the opening ceremony of the

event; listen the speech given by experts of aviation industry; and then watch the business jet exhibition. It was undoubtedly broadened

students' international perspectives and deepened students' understanding of the business aviation industry.



Group photo with lecturer Lam Cheng I and the students



Students watched the business jet exhibition



Students experienced the business jet



Students listened the speech given by experts of aviation industry