Faculty and students visit CTM- Learn about the construction and development of Macao Smart City

To give students a better understanding of the new developments in Macao's smart city, on April 21, 2023, Ms. Joanna Leung, an adjunct

lecturer at the International Faculty of International Tourism and Management, led undergraduate students to visit the headquarter of CTM. ​

This is an experiential learning course of "the Internet of Things and Business Services".


In the visit, Mr. Mak Keng Seng, CTM General Manager (Planning and Development Marketing) , Ms. Choi Kuan, CTM General Manager

(Product Performance Management), and other department heads shared with the students about the investments and achievements of CTM in smart city development.


The CTM team first introduced the historical background and development of CTM to the students, the improvement and advantages of 5G

performance, as well as the current 5G+ smart application scenarios, such as the metauniverse MICE, 5G immersive concert, 4K/8K live

broadcast and enabling Macao Airport operation, etc., enable students to understand the whole picture and long-term blueprint for smart

city construction and future development.


After that, the team further introduced CTM's big data technology and big data business to the students: Being the first telecommunication

provider to launch smart big data service in Macao, CTM has the powerful information, independent research, and development of innovative technology and data business analysis ability. All of these elements opened the eyes of students, and students can understand the specific

application of big data in the business service industry from the perspective of industry application.



Mr. Mak Keng Seng, CTM General Manager (Planning and Development Marketing), shared the construction and future development of

Macao Smart City.



Ms. Choi Kuan, CTM General Manager (Product Performance Management), introduced CTM's big data technology and big data business.



Face-to-face discussion time with the students.


In the follow-up discussion, students actively raised their questions about the Internet of Things, smart cities, and big data, and the speakers

patiently answered the students' questions. The students all gained a lot.



Visited the Network Management Center


The students then visited the Network Management Center. The students were introduced to the daily operation of the Network

Management Center by the center-in-charge, the operation in case of emergencies (such as typhoons and floods), and how the Internet of

Things equipment ensures the normal operation of Macao base stations. At the same time, the students also learned more about the

complete operating system of the Network Management Center and the contribution of the staffs to ensure 24-hour normal operations.


Next, the students visited the Network Data Center. They were briefed on the daily operations of the data center and the specific scope of its

services. The students also learned about the uses of various hardware and software devices in the data center, related protection devices,

measures, and data intensities that can be loaded.



Visited the Network Data Center


This experiential learning allowed students to go deep into telecommunications industry so as to have a thorough understanding of the

development of the telecommunications industry in Macao and the specific application of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, Internet of

Things, and big data. CTM continues to cooperate with the industry to jointly build Macao's smart city.


Faculty of International Tourism and Management will continue to strengthen the experiential learning model, so that students'

understanding of knowledge is not only on paper but also to build a platform for students to broaden their horizons, enhance communication with the industry, and enhance the practical ability and employment competitiveness of our students.



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